Embrace the Spirit of Spring with Our Studio Mascots, Louis & Autumn

At Lytehouse Photography, nestled in the heart of Roselle Park, New Jersey, we've captured the essence of Spring in the most adorable way possible—through the lens, focusing on our newest furry addition, Louis, alongside his companion, Autumn. In the midst of the cherry blossoms just outside our studio, these two energetic dogs brought the season's vibrancy to life.

Louis, our spirited Dalmatian puppy of six months, embodies the playful charm that every pet owner loves to see. His white coat with distinct black spots glistens against the pink-hued cherry blossoms, creating a stunning contrast that would make any dog lover's heart flutter.

Then there's Autumn, a delightful blend of breeds with a trademark brown patch over her left eye, adding character to her appearance. At three years old, she possesses a certain poise that only maturity can bring, yet she's as lively as her younger pal.

Our recent photography sessions were more than just a display of our pets' endearing qualities; they were a testament to the joy and liveliness pets bring into our lives. And at Lytehouse Photography, we don't just stop at capturing these moments. We aim to create a memorable experience for all, whether it's for your children, family portraits, weddings, sweet sixteens, or even your beloved pets. Jason Lyte, alongside his wife Evelyn and son Kyle Ziggy Lyte, invite you and your furry friends to our studio, where memories are not only captured but cherished.

It's not just the photography that sets us apart; it's the ability to bring these moments into your home. With on-location printing services, we offer large format prints, canvases, and banners to transform your favorite shots into art that adorns your living spaces.

So, if you're looking to immortalize your pet's playful spirit or capture a family moment that stands the test of time, come down to Lytehouse Photography. Bring along your furry companion; after all, Louis and Autumn might just make for the perfect welcoming committee.

Visit us, and let's create something beautiful together—after all, every snapshot is a gateway to reliving those joyful, unrepeatable moments of life.