An engagement shoot is the culmination of an eventual digital photo album of you and your spouse during one of the happiest times of your relationship, allowing you to get comfortable in front of the camera, and while having fun, preparing the both of you for your wedding day. The photographs taken can be used to display at your wedding reception, for “SAVE THE DATES” communications or simply printed for your family and friends.

When discussing locations, if you have one in mind I would love to hear about it. Occasionally, clients have a location in mind, a location that is symbolic, that ties both of you together. It could be a place where you first met, had your first date or first kiss. Choosing a location that is symbolic to you will give your photos that much more impact. If you're unsure of a location I will gladly suggest some to you. The timing of the photoshoot will depend on where the location is and the time of year.

After we choose a location, set a date and time. On the day of the engagement shoot, we will walk from landmark to landmark to stop and shoot along the way as we are looking for stunning backgrounds, unique architecture, beautiful light, or creating our own, interesting composition scenarios that will help tell your love story through your photo’s. I will help set you into poses that will allow you to naturally and comfortably interact with each other. My goal is to get your personalities to shine through the photographs while having fun. I also suggest browsing our portfolio at ENGAGEMENTS ahead of time to see other posing ideas that you’ll feel excited about as a couple.

Clients often ask, what should we wear? Most importantly, wear what is most comfortable; your outfit represents who you are. Don’t feel you have to match your spouse. Coordination is ok. You and your spouse want to compliment each other's outfits, not match. Look for colors that compliment each other. I strongly suggest staying away from visible logos, bright white, bold fabrics, and patterns. If you choose patterns just make sure not to go overboard - stick to a combination of solids and patterns or coordinate patterns in a similar hue.